Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Out and about singing a happy song


With so many crazy things going on in the world - sometimes you need something to make you smile and give you hope...
My little people were out and about singing in the hills.
(anyone remember this song I think from about 1971 by the New Seekers.)

linking to  AJJ for Yvonnes lovely 'Out and about' theme.
Background is one of my watercolours... and the digital people I am addicted to at present and can't stop making.

 Thanks so much for stooping by
Gill xx


  1. Your OUTSIDE choir is awesome Gill! Great to use your own handmade watercolor backgorund! Yes I know this song - what a happy song and page for Yvonnes theme again ! Thank you ♥
    oxo Susi
    Happy rest of the week - time flies again and the aliens steal it as well....terrible!

  2. Ooooh, yes, I'm singing already! Gorgeous page, and I LOVE your little people, so pretty and happy. Have a nice evening, hugs, Valerie

  3. Such a fantastic page and I am certainly singing along with the beautiful people. A really happy and colourful page

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Yes, I'm singing as well Gill.
    Its a fabulous page with the little people enjoying a singalong.
    It did make me smile, I think we need to have hope, especially after todays news here in the UK.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Ha ha yes I remember that!! Thank you for the little ray of sunshine Gill on this horrible day :(
    Donna xx

  6. For some reason, before I read the story, I thought of the von Trapp family. Sadly, I don't remember the song these adorable children are singing, but I simply ADORE your latest AJJ entry! I really love your little children. You are SO clever and good with digital art.

  7. Lovely page with refreshing smiling people. I do recall that song by the new seekers.

  8. I love your happy pages and I remember the song and now I'm going to be singing it for the rest of the day ... lol! Hope you had good weather today, we had a sunshiny day so we decided to walk into town :-) . Wishing you a great weekend! J :-)

  9. This is sooo wonderful! Yes, I remember that song and I'm singing now! Your little digital people are so sweet - I can understand that you are not able to stop creating them! Your background is also very beautiful!

  10. I love that, Gill!
    All those lovely people look different - have different expressions in their faces.
    I hope you will go on with drawing these little puppets that aren't puppets but personalities. Ok, puppets can be personalities as well...
    Hhm, you have drawn them and coloured digitally, right?
    The landscape in the background is as beautiful as the one in your last post.
    What a great combination!

    1. Thanks Beo... these people are all created digitally - including the drawing. The patterned red dress was made using a picture of one my Gelli prints :)
      p.s hope your internet is working properly again.

  11. PS. I don't know the song and I couldn't find it. Do you have a link for it?

      (I'm not sure how to link in reply)
      you will probably know it when you hear it Beo as it was altered and used in a very well known brown fizzy drink advert :)

  12. Thank you Gill for putting this lovely song in my head with your special collage creation.
    If only the world were a kinder and gentler place ...
    Lovely post full of kindness and hope!

  13. Love your little choir Gill I will have this song in my head all day now.xx

  14. I seriously love these little people and their kind-looking teacher. They have sweet faces and lovely clothes. I wonder how you create them.


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