Thursday, 22 June 2017

Circles for AJJ and some alcohol madness on a keyboard


Hope all well with you.
We've been having a bit of a heatwave here and a couple of nights we've had to sleep downstairs rather uncomfortably on a 2 seater settee -  so I'm hoping it cools down a little soon. My PC seems to be suffering also and getting hot quickly and been left off more than on lately.
But I managed to make this page in one of my art journals For AJJ circle theme  I used Colour Cloud blending inks, stencils and I used a few of the faux Washi tapes I made recently .... the words have been digitally added.

Is it hot where you are too? If so, I hope you are managing to keep cool. 
Even the weather lady was too hot and had to put her bikini on :)
The Cactus flower (from prev post) and extra growth on it shrivelled up after a couple of days and fell off as it has in the past.
But it looks as if there will be other flowers coming as it has that tell tale grey nodule where it grows from.
When it's really hot I can't think straight and maybe this is why I did what I did?  I had a mad moment and decided to use some alcohol inks on one of my old music keyboards.
I have no idea what I am going to do next - other than maybe try stamping on some keys... I did think about making it into a door stop but not really sure where this going so it may be put to one side for now. 

I've been trying to keep cool sitting in the garden- not really doing anything but watching the world go by and taking an occasional photo of something I thought interesting.

 Amazing what you see in the sky too

Love the colours on this fly - and thinking he'd look cool with some Steampunk goggles :)

Thanks for stopping by 
Gill x


  1. Hi, thanks for your visit on my blog, so sweet of you. You make very inspirering stuff, like your journal page. I will link to your blog like you just did, Iam very honored. thank you, sweet of you.
    see you soon again.


  2. Lovely art and photos, those green shimmering flies are gorgeous - not that I want them in my flat! Here it's 38° outside and 34° inside, not my fave weather. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  3. I love your wonderful page and enjoyed all the great pictures from the world in your garden! Lovely idea with the keyboard Gill! It will tell you what to do next for sure!
    Thank you very much for joining us at Art Journal Journey again!
    Same hear - 36 degrees Celsius today --- uff!
    We are melting!
    Happy weekend ahead and I hope to see the steampunky fly in the next post sitting on the blooming!
    oxo Susi

  4. A beautiful imaginative journal!!!
    25 degrees has it with me today on the north seacoast and heavy thunderstorm was already with me today but the sun now shines again.
    I hope you can sleep better soon.
    The piano keyboard looks great and your photos.
    Greetings Elke

  5. It is also hot in Northern Germany.

    Wonderful artwork to see here.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post to ART JOURNAL JOURNEY

  6. Your page looks beautiful Gill. Calming colours and lovely sentiments in the circles.
    I was most in awe of what you did to the keyboard, how fabulous it looks with the coloured keys.
    I think you had a great idea doing that.
    The photos in the garden looked lovely as well.
    We are frying here in the N.E. as well, although we did have terrible thunder storms yesterday.
    Cooler to come say the forecasters.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Ooh loving all your pictures today Gill, especially your alcoholic inks piano keys,very quirky!! It's too hot but luckily it's supposed to be cooling down now.....can't come soon enough!
    Donna xx


  8. I thought your circles were fantastic. I adored the quote you used, too. I like the cool and calming colors you chose, too.

    I think it's hotter here than where you live. Today it was ONLY 96 F (35ish C), but yesterday our heat index was 108 F (43ish C). Sorry, doing conversions in my head. I swear I don't know what I would do without AC. I can live with cold, but not heat. I'm NOT a person who likes much of anything above 20 C.

    You have some incredible photos from your garden and from the sky above, too.

    I know you said several months ago you considered doing something with this keyboard, and I really like what you did with this. I like the color juxtaposed with the black. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

    Try to stay cool, dear and have a great weekend.

  9. It has been hot hasn't it 😎. I hope you are cooler, it seems to be a bit fresher now after the rain we have had 😀. Your circles page is wonderful especially those owls and your faux washi tape looks lovely, perfect for the circle theme too ... lol! The alcohol ink patterns are stunning and I can't wait to see what you do next. Glad to see more flowers on your cactus and I love your take on the fly with steampunk goggles ... it really made me smile! Happy Friday and Weekend, stay cool! J 😊

  10. Thankfully cooler here today :) Brilliant journal page and fantastic keyboard -love all the nature/sky pics too
    Carol x

  11. I like your circles page - it looks cool and refreshing, in contrast to the hot weather outside!
    Your keyboard now is fantastic! What a great idea to paint with alcohol inks on it!
    Beautiful nature photos of your garden! I am curious at the green fly in steampunk art!
    Happy weekend! Rike xx

  12. Gosh what a superb post.I love the nature pics and yes the heat is hard but I try to avoid being out in the hottest hours and keep the fans on high. I LOVE what you did with the keyboard it made me smile. paint the world I say ... or ink it lol.

  13. Oh my, 31 degrees is hot, hot, hot. Hope it has cooled down now. It is much cooler here although we think it is tropical if it is over 20.
    How good to see your hand-made washi tape in use and I do like these soft cool colours.
    Interesting (!) idea to paint the keyboard with alcohol inks, and why not.
    I enjoyed the photos too, especially the steampunk fly.

  14. Somehow I missed this post. I love your circles. The circle of life is a fabulous idea. And I think you are onto something by using alcohol inks on your keyboard. Boy does it look great, and I don't imagine they would rub off easily. Hope it cools down for you soon-and maybe it already has-which would be good. That is hot! Hugs-Erika


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