Sunday, 22 July 2018

Art for Arts sake 3

Art for Arts sake is the theme at AJJ this month chosen by Chris from Pearshapedcrafting
and because I had so much fun with the previous page I made using gouache and stencils wiping over top with a baby wipe I decided to make another. I did a double page spread this time to make up for not doing so much art this month.

Starting point was some Gouache

I used several stencils and wiped over them with a baby wipe which moved 
 and blended the water based paint and removed some colour completely.

I dipped one of those rubber ended shaper tools into water
 to remove some colour and make some squiggly patterns.

Sorry if you've been melting in the heat lately :(
We desperately need some rain here but I guess the continued heat
 for weeks on end has been good for some things. 

We have are getting a nice amount of French Beans....

 The weather girl on our weather machine got her prediction of rain wrong (see she has her umbrella ready) I think she had it out to use to keep the sun off and not rain:)
40c is not accurate as the outside probe was probably in direct sun  - but it was well over 30c as the downstairs of our home really was 29c

And for the second year there is fruit (albeit just a few) on our two Nisperos trees (also known as Loquat) I can't wait to try them and see if they taste as good as I remember back in the 1990s - something like a mix of peach/apricot/tropical fruit.

Last year there we saw one fruit on each tree but they were small and shrivelled. 
We hadn't seen any flowers so wasn't expecting to see fruit but apparently insignificant flowers appear in the autumn.
The prolonged heat may have made a difference this year for a bit more fruit - or maybe next year it will be even better as the trees mature. My late parents grew them from seeds from the fruit around 1997/8 and then donated the small potted trees to us when they moved in 2004.

And we are growing Tromboncino again. 
They are a squash and very long - they taste a bit like a courgette but much, much better.

This Tromboncino fell off as it wasn't supported properly and it weighed 1.2kg and about 25 inches in length - a mere baby to the ones we grew last year. 

That's for all this time - thanks so much for stopping by.
And for all those suffering with the heat, wherever you are - I sympathise and hope you can keep cool.
Happy Sunday and have a great, creative week.
Gill x


  1. Gill, this is one magnificent work of art...haven't been here for a ages, sorry, but love what I see...x

  2. Love your pages Gill, and interesting to see the gouache paints, as I bought some recently, but haven't tried them yet. You've given me some ideas.
    The garden produce looks good, I love beans!
    Have a good week,
    Alison xxx

  3. Lovely pages, so fun and colourful. Very hot here, too. Have a nice evening, hugs, Valerie

  4. Oh Gill I am totally in awe of this vibrant and unique created spread - so beautiful and so happy look these pages and I can tell you that I am really happy to see them linked to Chris' collection! And wow-- you have amazing veggies in the garden and the loquat tree is quite interesting - I am impressed with the Tromboncino. I can imagine that they grow as well as courgette. And the french beans -- so yummie- I will get two big bags again from friends soon. But it's always much work with them. But I love them. Last year they gave me violette ones which became green after cooking - they were yummie as well!
    Happy harvesting my friend and thank you for supporting AJJ again!
    I hope you get a bit of refreshing weather soon!
    We have rain since this night and it is just 17°Celsius out the whole Sunday.
    But I fear it will get hot again soon!

    Hugs, Susi

  5. Oh Gill! Love this spread - such beautiful colours and great mark making and layers! It is definitely cooler here today in fact we had some rain first thing that wasn't in our forecast - a little drizzly but it wet the ground again - we are even seeing some green grass in parts! Your fruit and veg seem to be doing well enough considering the dry weather! Thank you so much for this Art For Arts Sake spread at Art Journal Journey and enjoy the remainder of your weekend! Chrisx

  6. These pages are most impressive, Gill. I was so happy to see how you created them and the various techniques you employed.You have certainly found something that I'm sure will become a staple in your arsenal of mixed media art, whether they are backgrounds or part of the focal image. You have share a gorgeous spread and I was thrilled you shared it with us at Art Journal Journey.

    You certainly have one incredible garden Both fruit and veggies seem to thrive there. I'm a bit jealous. actually (grin).

  7. That's a great effect with the colourful swirls and all the great patterns, and two for the price of one, thanks! They look like true colourful abstracts in that I can't immediately see any images. This is quite difficult to do.
    A Tromboncino! I've not heard of such a vegetable. Tastes better than a courgette - that's not difficult, haha! I must look out for them next year.
    The sky here today was overcast and it kept looking like rain, but none appeared, sadly. It was reasonable not-hot here today which was a great improvement. Keep as cool as you can, it sounds really tropical down there.

  8. I love how the colours have blended together on your journal spread, it looks fantastic.
    Your garden vegetables look really healthy, they must taste super, nothing beats home grown.
    We are wilting in the heat here as well and it looks like there is more of the same next week.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Beautiful art journal pages, Gill, the colours are fabulous! I've never heard of a Tromboncino - it's huge!! xx

  10. That art spread is really cool. I love the effect you've created-how all the colors seem to run together... nice. And I have never seen or tasted a Loquat/nisperos. It always amazed me how many fruits and veggies there are in the world. That's a fascinating squash too. ANd huge too, although you say it is a baby so I would love to know what a big one is like. Hope you have a cooler new week. And some rain. Hugs-Erika

  11. Gill this really is a magnificent technique, both pages as fab as the next. Love how you added the script and text and how you can see those removed layers up close so fabby!!
    The weather wo/man sure has been playing tricks on us up hear teasing with forecast of rain but I think someone is holding a massive brolly over us as we have seen a few spots, mostly drying before they have hit the ground!!
    Like the sound of the Nisperos and Tromboncino not heard or seen any of those but good to see they have managed to soldier on through the heat. How lovely to think the Nisperos were grown from seed.
    Wishing you a super week Gill.
    Creative Hugs Tracey xx


  12. It's a fabulous spread page Gill !! Really vibrant, I love those colours. Thank you very much for the step by step, great!
    Your nisperos are very good looking, and you will tell us if they are tasty and sweet. That trombocino is huge, ohh, it has to be delicious.
    I wish you a very happy day, big hugs, Caty

  13. I love the colors and design of your pages Gill. They're fabulous. Thanks for sharing your gardening pictures. The tree your parents started is a special treasure and special memory. I hope you have a great week!

  14. Gill!! These pages are amazing! I absolutely LOVE your color play!
    Sorry about the heat- I am right there with you, we had maybe one day of relief in three weeks! And yesterday we finally has a spittle of rain! I keep trying the rain dance for more! haahaa(you should see me!LOL)
    Your fruit looks delish, yes, pleas let us know if it tastes as good as you remember!
    And that long fruit? veggie? at the end of the post? Very interesting, never seen or heard of this- wonder if it would grow here in the states! While we are talking about you or have you by any chance ever come across an Oregano which goes by the name of "Cuban Oregano" ? It is slightly variegated , thick leaved and is a bit is the BEST Oregano we have ever had and now it is no longer available anywhere! At least we can no longer find it after growing it for several years.

    Well,that is it from me for now, glad to see you back! If by any chance you would do it, how about a Follow By Email link so I can catch all of your posts? I do enjoy them!
    sending hugs,Jackie xx

  15. ps...forgot to say, I would love that page on the right as material! What a sweet sundress that would be! xx

  16. Wow, I love love love these pages! The technique you used is amazing, the way the colours blended looks so beautiful and magical 😁. I think I may have to have a go at this, thanks for the inspiration! Your garden looks wonderful with all those yummy veggies and fruit 😁. We have cooler weather here with hotter temperatures forecast for later this week. Sending you happy and creative wishes! J 😊 x

  17. Pow! What a beautiful piece, Gill!!
    How lovely you have memories of your late parents when you look at that tree. Love all of your garden photos!
    And the heat? Here, too (Oregon - west coast USA). But the tomato plants love it!!

  18. Love the art, yet it was the Tromboncino that really caught my attention!

  19. Beautiful journal the vibrant colors! and impressive fruit and vegetables too!

  20. I love this, such great interest and depth of
    well done.
    x Karen


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