Monday, 16 July 2018

Art for arts sake again and some fans and windchimes

Phew! - this hot weather in the UK is too much now - it's been none stop (here on Essex coast) for several weeks - and some nights I haven't slept ...arghh! -  how  people survive hot weather regulary I just don't know. My PC is overheating and very slow just like me ha ha  - so expect garbled blogging and weird art as my mind is frazzled ( I think I mean that) - I can't think straight.

First thing Saturday I thought, I just must make some art... so this is for AJJ 'Art for art sake' hosted by Chris from Pearshaped crafting.

I started by making a background with Gouache paints. 

Then I saw my box of stencils and then I thought of using a baby wipe to wipe the paint off with. I've seen it done with inks and stencils and this Gouache was water based so could be reactivated again when moist to remove the pattern. I then used another arty stencil with a hand on and lightly sponged some white gesso on. Coloured pencils and Stabilo all black to highlight hand. 
Then I looked at a TH sticker book with words which I've only used once - but what should I add.... well the wiping over the stencils is really easy and effective so it just had to be 'Ridiculously simple' 

If it stays hot I shall have to do some more of the stencil baby wipe thing as that was so much fun and fairly quick too.

I don't think the temperature was really 34.5c as the probe for the weather station may have been in sun however the real temperature inside (downstairs)  was 27c and upstairs the thermometer in Fahrenheit been fluctuating between 81 - 85 even at night :(
I promise I will never moan about winter and the cold again as its much easier to get warm than cool down :)

While I was in an arty mode I remembered some plain fans I bought last year which would come in handy right now.... but what to decorate them with quickly?  I know - alcohol inks - so I randomly just dripped them over the surface open and closed.

And I have finished the wind chimes I started last summer. I had to wait for the stems of the plant that we pruned to dry and change from green to a bamboo looking cane.

Bean tin lid for the top and punched some holes to thread everything together to hang. The sound they make is a very gentle noise and I think I need to add a bigger dangley bit to the end of the middle cane to catch the wind more.
 And I drizzled alcohol inks over the canes to decorate them.

Himalayan Honeysuckle - the plant that the canes came from.

OK that's all for today,
probably going to need to let my PC cool now
before trying to catch up with your posts
but I will get there eventually :) 

thanks so much for stopping by
Gill x


  1. Wonderful journal page Gill, love the fans and windchimes, too. Very hot here, to, 34 outside and 30 inside. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Haha... you're in the wrong place, then. It's no longer hot and sunny here in the North West, but cloudy, damp and cooler, though still a little humid. I missed the sun when the clouds arrived yesterday afternoon :-( But you're right - it's been hot at night and not very comfortable to sleep in. I think a lot of countries have air conditioning and that makes life easier, whereas it would get very little use over here. I still prefer the sun, though :-)

    Love this page. Great use of stencils, showing the colour variations off really well.

    LOVE your chimes and fans, too - great idea to just dribble the AIs and the chimes just look fab!
    Have a great week :-)

    Cath x

  3. Wow, you do have some heat. Time for things to cool off a bit if you ask me. But you seem to be on a creative roll. First of all I don't think your journal page looks all that simple. I love it. And it is good to know it isn't very hard to make. But what really impresses me are your fans and your bamboo chimes. The chimes are beautiful-just enough detail, and those fan. Wow. They look gorgeous. Hope they keep you cool. :) And happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  4. What a fabulous post! It's hot enough here, but we see from the forecast that you have it REALLY hot down South! Thank you so much for making this for my theme at AJJ - it's a great technique and your page looks fabulous in those vibrant colours! Your fans look great and with this heat you probably need one in every room! I can imagine that your wind chimes make you feel cooler when you sit in the garden! Wishing you a cooler week, Hugs, Chrisx

  5. Oh you are really a HOT girl, I feel with you! That's too much! You are right!
    I love your fabulous page -- very "cool" and artsy effects dear Gill! Great to see you at Art Journal Journey even though that heatwave stops from nearly everything as I can imagine! The wind chimes and the fans look just fabulous - a super idea with the Alcohol Inks! I am going to remember this!
    Happy week and keep cool my lovely friend!
    Hugs, Susi

  6. I swear Gill, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have air conditioning. I have a whole house unit, and a window unit for my office electronics. People laugh when I tell them this, but you are right that these babies put off more heat than people realize.

    I had never heard of, or considered that technique for Art Journal Journey. It may have been ridiculously simple, but it packed a BIG wallop. And it was incredibly colorful, too. It certainly made a statement, and I am thrilled you share it with us at Art Journal Journey.

    The fans were stunning. Those AIs are incredible, especially when they aren't diluted. And I was even more fascinated by the wind chimes. They look lovely, too. I have some made from bamboo, and they are also quite gentle. I think we are used to the sound of metal, and the softness of the sound of bamboo has a more soothing effect.

  7. That is far too hot, Gill, especially at night, and you are so right, it is easier to get warm when it is cold outside. Bring on the snow.
    I love the background you made, all these colours, and it doesn't look simple at all, and how amusing to have a painted hand wiping off the colours.
    I didn't know this plant had hollow canes, I must go out and check ours after this. The wind chimes look terrific. It's a great plant too, isn't it, and if you leave it to seed you get lots and lots of dear little baby plants! I like the way the flowers grow on top of one another.
    And I don't want the fans to feel left out as I like them very much the way you have painted them and they will be so useful too.

  8. I love your fabulous and colourful journal page Gill, it sounds a good technique to try.
    Beautiful decoration for the fans as well., very useful to have these to use in the heat we are having here as well. Although we did have a quick shower of rain this morning.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Hi Gill, so good to see you never let the heat get in the way of creativity, as the wording says "ridiculously simple" but so effective and probably my favourite way of creating using stencils. Fabulous piece of art for arts sake!!
    Your fans are really fab or should I say FAN-tastic!! not seen those blank ones before and so useful...
    If I had the time to sit outside under my large parasol I would be there all day long but sadly it's just not *do-able* but with my failing laptop it's been a welcome break when i've managed to catch a moment. The heat has been affecting all computers in our house.
    I love the sound of bamboo wind chimes, so calming.
    Wishing you a super week & lets hope it cools down a little for us all.
    Creative wishes Tracey xx

  10. Wow! So much to drool over Gill! I love your arty page, and the fans and wind chimes are beautiful too!
    Thank goodness it's cooled down a little this week!
    Alison xxx

  11. I love your page and the stencil technique that you used, such fun! So funny thattyou are in Essex as I was in Essex this weekend for my dear friends' wedding and we had such a wonderful time 😁. I don't mind the heat myself, although it's turned a bit cooler up here in the North West so I hope you are finding some relief from the heat too. Stay cool and wishing you a lovely week! J 😊 x

  12. Heat or no heat, your creations are especially beautiful this week, Gill! Journal page, fans, wind chimes - all so beautiful and unique.
    So sorry about your hot temps. You might have to make a few more of those gorgeous fans. We have had some nasty stuff here, too, in the US Pacific Northwest. No central air in our house, but we do have a portable unit in the living room where our sweet old dog hangs out and sleeps at night. He has been nice enough to share the cool air with us on those awful nights.
    Hoping your weather improves very soon!!

  13. You've got so many fun things going on here Gill! I'm sorry the heat is causing some misery. For me, it's not so much the heat that's bothersome, but the humidity. That said, your creations are wonderful. I love how you beautify your everyday objects! The honeysuckle is gorgeous. I'm wondering if it's fragrant? I'm hoping some refreshing summer breezes are on their way to your hometown. <3

  14. Fabulous projects, Gill, I especially love what you've done with the fans, very clever!
    Thankful that it's been slightly cooler today, it's been SO hot lately. xx

  15. A fabulous journal page Gill and I love the words you used.
    It's a great post with lots of interest, love how you altered the fans, such a cool idea. Your wind chimes look fabulous and I love the way you decorated them.
    We've cooled down quite a bit and had some much needed rain, it's rather cloudy today - hence the blogging.
    Have a great weekend.
    Avril xx
    Have a great weekend

  16. oh my,this is wonderful,love the artsy look,beautiful colors too.
    the wind chims and fans very cool too.
    fabolous entry for ajj.
    happy sunday,dear gill.

    hugs jenny


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