Friday, 20 January 2017

Love Story for AJJ and MM&M

Hi... another Friday again, they come around so quickly don't they?
Hope your week has been good.

I don't normally think of something I can use for both AJJ and also MM&M so I hope this is ok as
this month Erika from BioArtGal is hosting AJJ with the fab theme 'Tell me a story  and the theme currently at Moo Mania & More is 'Love'.

I started with a page using stickers, washi tape, panpastels, felt-tip pens and a little grungy stamping. Then digitally added my words, some more flowers and some vintage words and music.

I guess the equivalent to a UK 'Hen' and 'Stag' night is probably a  Bachelorette, Bachelors or Bucks party and other names depending where you live.
original page

Thank you for stopping by.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Gill x

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Tell me a story - Ye Olde Mystery Album


Hope you are having a lovely weekend and not snowed in, flooded or having any nasty weather...  hopefully you are somewhere nice and cozy and maybe having some arty fun.
Our snow has gone today and fortunately the flooding predicted for the next town along the coast to us didn't come to much.

Today I am linking my digital page to  AJJ 'Tell me a story'  this months fun theme chosen by Erika from BioArtGal 

Thanks for the great comments on my previous AJJ page 'The Caretaker' - I haven't had time during the week to continue that story yet... so for now, here's a quick digital page...about another story.
The four lovely Egyptian elements credit & thanks to Valerie (thanks valerie x)

My late father gave me a photo album about 15 years ago but didn't know exactly who on his side of the family had started the album. The first photo with a date is 1902 and I am guessing that the photos here are sometime between 1902 and maybe 1914 but probably the earlier date.
The last photos in the album, towards the back, definitely are 1914-1918 as my paternal grandfather born 1896 is in some when he was in the R.A.M.C.
The photos are of soldiers, sailors, lots of boats, Pyramids, the King in Malta in 1903, a boxing match and all sorts, including a few photos possibly from the Boxer revolution that are so horrendous I could never show them.

I have managed to solve a few mysteries - one photo of a soldier had a name and address on, and I was able to trace the daughter of the soldier. It turned out that she had never seen this photo before - she told me about her father and his brothers who were all soldiers during WW1 but the connection to my family and why he was in the this album is a mystery still.

If only each photo in this mysterious album could tell its tale... I wonder what stories it would tell.

Thank you for stopping by.
I will try and catch up with your posts
that I've missed last week asap.
Gill x

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tell me a story..... 'The Caretaker'

I can't believe we are 5 days into 2017 already, hope your year has started well.
My first post for 2017 is to join in with the great new theme  'Tell me a story' at AJJ hosted this month by the lovely Erika from BioArtGal  
There's so many way to interpret this and luckily (or maybe not) I think I have always had a bit of an over active imagination so of course this theme really appeals to me.
My first piece, well what can I say.. these things just idea where this came from but I am now wondering who exactly the caretaker is and what happens next. I added some digital elements from a Serif kit called 'Robot Rust' to my own artwork.

my original artwork

 I can almost never remember at the end of a year if I have kept any 'New Years resolutions'... but one I did keep was that in 2015 almost every day I put a slip of paper into my 'Gratitude' jar.
The idea is that everyday you write on a slip of paper the positive things that happened on this day; things to be grateful for. Write about the things that you laugh or smile, Natures wonders, blessings, little gifts. a kindness, achievements or memorable moments. You put the papers into a jar which you then open on New Years Eve and read. It reminds you that even if your year is filled with pain, tears and life stuff, that nice things also happen.
I have started to do this again this year again and hope to have a nice full jar in December.

I'm not going say I will be doing this and this for this year but just try to do them if I can.
Which includes following some exercises from these two books.
I've done most of the first drawing exercise which was drawing about 30 cats :)

The main thing for 2017 is be happy and have fun.

Thank you 
for taking the time to stop by..
Gill x

Friday, 30 December 2016

Hope..... and a New Year Greeting

I probably should have finished writing this post before going off to have lunch and a bottle of wine.... (well only half, cause Dave had the other half of course!)  so I do apologise for any spelling errors and any slurred speech... :) 
This is my last digital piece this year for AJJ and Valeries wonderful theme light and darkness  
and the sentiment is quite appropriate for the New Year too.

For the last few days I've been thinking about 2017 and what I'd like to achieve.
I never remember most of any resolutions I've made at the beginning of a year, at the end of a year anyway, so don't usually know if I kept them. But next year ... I'm not going to say I will do blah blah .... but say I will try harder at any aims...
and maybe keep a better note of them and how they are doing ... time will only tell how that goes.....

Being better organised next year is certainly one thing I would like to be better at...
I've started going through my digital files of art and digital elements I have created over the last few years to make them into digi kits/themed files. I confess I got side-tracked yesterday and made this car to go with the other Steampunk pieces I had made some time ago.
So good bye for now ...
Thank you for your visits and comments during this year
which I have really appreciated.
Wishing you all the very best for the New Year
Gill x

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Sparkle and shine for AJJ and a message for you x

This probably will be my last piece for a few days so I will start off with a digital page for AJJ light and Darkness   theme chosen by Valerie.   The page is comprised of a couple of blended digital papers made from a photo of  Tower bridge, London and weird Christmas tree lights. ( I like putting my camera inside my tree and getting 'bokeh' effects). Additional gems and sparkles also added to page.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing at this time of year,
I wish you and your families peace, love and joy x
Gill xxx

Monday, 19 December 2016

An angel in the darkness

I painted on black paper. Added some washi tape at top and bottom.
I knew I wanted to have an angel on my page and wasn't sure what quote to use.
Then I found some old song lyrics I wrote back in the 1990s
and used a few lines as seem to fit quite nicely.
The background has Panpastels on and the pattern made with an eraser.
Finished with a little iridescent glitter glue.
It was bad enough with the winter light trying to get a photo,
but trying to show the glittered parts almost impossible.

I love all the coloured and twinkling lights at this time of year
 so that's my excuse why we have 5 Christmas trees up.
2 trees are about 6 feet tall and the other 3 mini ones about 12 inches.
Flash photography seems to have lost all the colours
 but you can just about see the 5 of them.

Slightly better but still not captured the magic.

Dave has been busy making chocolate chip brownies and
I'm thankful he freezes some
 otherwise I'd be eating them all at once if I could.

Thanks for stopping by
and especially at this time of the year,
I do appreciate it.
Wishing you a good week.
Gill xx

Friday, 16 December 2016

Darkness and light for AJJ and last of the Steampunk ornaments.

I'm loving Valeries fab theme this month at AJJ 'Light and Darkness'
 and really enjoyed making this page. I combined a piece of my artwork with some digital papers and digital elements from kits: The artists memories by G&T designs and 'A scrap of art' by Lynne Anzelc and added some digital effects. Finished off with some quotes. 

And I think these are probably the last of the new Steampunk ornaments I've been making. Sorry photos not good but the winter light has made it awkward to get a decent image ..

The tree is a sort of iridescent and white but when the lights are on make it look various colours.
 Thanks so much for stopping by.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Gill xx