Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Toys and Games........ for TIOT

The theme at Try It On Tuesday is Children.
It's seems so many hours are taken up sitting in front of the computer nowadays that a lot of children often miss out on good old fashion fun.
Todays page is a digital piece using one of my poems. There's a clearer version further down if you want to read it and have a  bit of a walk down memory lane.


Toys and Games 

Action man, Sindy and Barbie dolls,
Tiny tears, Gonks and dumpy Trolls,
Yoyo, Kaleidoscope and Hopscotch,
Wall walkers, Kerplunk and toy sweet shops. 
Space hopper, Clackers and Chopper Bike,
Scooters, Skates and three-wheel trike,
Headache, Frustration and Meccano Sets,
Cluedo, Ludo and plastic Alphabets. 
Lego worlds and wooden building blocks,
Wendy house with no door locks,
Little toy furniture, food and Tea services,
Tiny outfits for would be doctors and nurses.
Fuzzy Felt hospital and Fuzzy Felt farms,
Stretchy people with stretchy legs and arms,
Pogo stick, Jacks and Monopoly,
Wonderful toys and games – all computer free!

Thanks for stopping by
I shall be turning my pc off shortly
and go and do some gardening
 and get some fresh air :)
Have a great day
Gill x

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Childhood Dreams

It's September and it means a wonderful new theme over at AJJ and this time the theme is 'Back to School' hosted by the lovely Bluebeard and Elizabeth 
I can see this being a fun month and I just hope I can behave myself and not get a detention!

My piece for this theme is all digital and the photo is probably about 1902-3 and contains my grandfather in class. Not certain I would have liked to been at school during these strict times.
The digital items are from a Daisytrail kit called 'Back to school' and items I digitally created myself.
And I am linking my second piece, which is also digital to TIOT where the current theme is children. Made with digital tubes collected over the years and the words are song lyrics. (don't laugh, but I use to dabble in song writing many moons ago)

Yesterday afternoon I had another play with some new Pebeo Dyna paints I got recently and have tried using them on a t-shirt that had 3 small splodges of white acrylic paint on. I used a DecorArt stencil and moved it around a few times to make it a bit more absract than it was. Fairly pleased for first attempt. I have a black t-shirt to try it on next which should hopefully show the paint better.


Now I know it's only September (and the sun is shining here and its hot again) but I'm also thinking about Christmas.
Last year I spent the end of November and half of December making things for my Steampunk themed tree the one with the steampunked butterfly on top. With Christmas cards etc to make, I'm planning ahead this year. I want to make some more decorations for the tree, and have just found some lovely felt snowflakes I'd forgotten I had that I got cheap in January.

But for now I'm off to lunch, Dave has spent the morning making bread and lunch is 'Beef Oxford'.
Thanks for stopping by today
Gill x

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

BALANCE........for AJJ Nature's Wonders

Hi everyone

It's the last day of August and that means my last post for Nature's Wonders theme at AJJ

so first I'd like to say many thanks again to Valerie and Susi for inviting me to be the guest host this month - thank you xx. My head was buzzing with so many ideas, I had a wonderful time creating things and seeing what everyone else had made as well - thanks everyone!
 I couldn't go quietly so I have 3 digital pieces today to finish with.
The first piece I call 'A world full of wonders'.

I had an idea in my head but I wasn't sure how to execute it. So using my favourite software I first created the flattened edge, shape of the world in pale blue and then on top of that put the background words 'Our world is full of Nature's Wonders.... Beautiful and Precious' (font: Eutemia I). 
But then I needed a stencil in the shape of 'the world' and didn't have one.... so I found a free image online that was just a blue and white. Then again using my favourite software I took out the white, which was the colour of the countries - so imagine cutting that out of paper and you would have a stencil. All I needed to do next with my digital one, was to convert it to a stencil and hey presto - when I used it on my page and filled all the holes (which was so easy) with real images they fitted perfectly to the shape of the countries.
The images I used were from a Serif cd. Then I finished with 'Precious' - which is just what our world is. (font: Cheddar Salad BTN Cameo Rev)

This second piece you can probably guess the title - it's called 'Balance'.  


Top font is: Oyster Bar BTN and quote at bottom: Pie Contest BTN Cameo Rev.

... I used a photo of a background from one of my journals and then just added the rest digitally.

Last but not least, my third piece is for you to say a huge thanks to everyone who visited here and left lovely comments or created pages on this theme and linked to AJJ. I had a fantastic month seeing all your wonderful blogs and ideas on the theme and I probably sat way too long zooming in, as I like to see all the details close up - you made it a great month for me... THANK YOU!

I'm looking forward to the new theme
 tomorrow at AJJ 

As always.
 thank you for taking the time to visit
and for any comments.
Take care
Gill x 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gaze at nature's beauty

Hello everyone..
For todays piece for AJJ 'Nature's Wonders' challenge   my pages started with an Aquamarker pen background ( I have used this background before - but that's the great thing when you take a photo and use it digitally you can make it look different every time)
Then I added the digital elements and the quotes. The kits were Daisytrail Aviary Exotic and Aviary Paradise.
It amazes me how many different variations there are within a species...  shapes, size, colours, habitat etc  like these birds of paradise.
original pages with Aquamarker pens.

 Then just because I could... I used the same background (but changed its colour) and made another spread with a kit called 'The collector' from Daisytrail.
I'd never seen this type of Orange Ladybird before and before helping it out of our conservatory managed to snap a little photo.

many thanks for stopping by...
Gill x

Monday, 22 August 2016

Natures special gifts

Hi everyone... Hope you had a nice weekend.

I can't believe this is my fourth week as guest host at  AJJ for the Nature's Wonders challenge  the time seems to be flying by.

Today I have two pieces; something from my journal and something hybrid. Sadly the images I used aren't that good because it was before I had a digital camera and most are stills taken from a camcorder but they are of special memories and I'm so grateful to have them.

You may have seen a couple of my previous pieces for this challenge which show birds feeding on my hands and todays post is about the first bird that it started with. Out of all my encounters, this is the one I treasure the most. This was an adventure and friendship which started with a Collared Dove called 'Harold' that was to last from 1999 to 2001. 
But not only was there Harold, there was also his mate that I called Madge who out lived Harold for at least another 9 months after that... and so much more that I can't fit in here.

This truly is one of Nature's Wonders.... I hope you like :)
In both pictures where there are two birds - Harold is on left and Madge on right.

My Hybrid spread started with an Aquamarker background (that cellophane method again!) The quote bottom left found on the internet and the additional digital elements came from a kit by G&T designs called 'That magic touch'.

my original aquamarker background
For my journal I used washi tapes, acrylic paint, coloured pencils and various stamps. I printed on photo paper but they haven't printed very well. These photos were probably from about 2000.

I see birds as little people who have their own characters and quirky ways, I try and observe them as often as I can to learn about them - and they in turn often seem to do the same.

If you would like to know the  story of how I met Harold  there's an old post on my third, mainly nature/garden blog. I still need to write the rest of the story including the day Harold died and what Madge did next and all the adventures we had in between. I feel so privileged to have gained their trust and got to know these lovely birds who truly were Nature's Wonders.  I really miss them.
Hope you enjoyed todays post, 
thanks for stopping by
and for any comments.
Have a great week.
Gill x

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Nature's Wonders - what makes your heart sing?

 Hi everyone hope you've had a lovely Sunday.

Today I have a cute digital piece for AJJ Nature's Wonders
What makes your heart sing?  When I go out in my little garden and am among nature makes mine sing. And any chance of capturing the moment on camera and I'm singing an aria.

One day a young squirrel came into the garden and was running and jumping about like a little puppy. He was investigating everywhere and smelling the flowers.
I love this little squirrel, but he's a grey squirrel and I shouldn't really like him but I do.
The grey squirrels in the UK aren't native and over many years have almost wiped out our Red Squirrel through having a virus and taking over the 'Reds' habitat. But nature somehow nearly always manages to fight back and the good news is that the number of Red Squirrels and places it can be found is slowly increasing.
Digikits used: ‘Heartsong’ by Snicker doodles designs and ‘One fine day’ by G&T Designs.

Take time to smell the flowers

mmmm I wonder what this smells like

I'm only smelling the flowers - I won't break it - honest I won't!

Tired work all this running about the garden - I need a rest

I need a ...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I love all you've been creating this month...
and there's still time to play at
Nature's Wonders at AJJ

many thanks for stopping by...
Gill x

Friday, 19 August 2016

Nature blows my mind!

 Happy Friday everyone
Today For August AJJ 'Nature's Wonders' challenge  I have an all digital piece using a digikit called ‘Nature Hike’ by Snickerdoodles Designs.
I thought the quote in the kit was really lovely and deserved a gentle soft looking designed page to go with it.
The quote says:
What I know for sure is that Nature is always more surprising than what I could have imagined.
I open my mind and its design always blows me away.

I am always mesmerised when I see butterflies in my garden and love watching them go from flower to flower. Occasionally another one of the same type might appear and for a brief moment they seem to dance in the air and maybe say hello and then go off their separate ways.

A couple of butterflies found in Britain

Love the colours and patterns
many thanks for stopping by...
Hope you have a lovely weekend
Gill x